Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break at Wheeler Farm

Fun time with my sister, my girls, her girls, and their babes!

Kell's Home!

Mark and I had the once in a lifetime trip to Argentina to pick up our Elder in March. We were able to see the beautiful sites where Kellen served. We experienced a different culture and language and came home very thankful for living in this country! But the best part of the trip was seeing our Elder in action as he met up with some of the people he had served and served with in the past two years. It was more than heartwarming to see how much love and appreciation they had for Kellen. He obviously fulfilled his calling with charity. It made the parents very proud. We're glad to have him home (even though I think we're getting less sleep than parents of a newborn). Kell...we love you!

At Paso de los Libros (Brazil is across the river)
Ecalyptus trees planted in straight rows along the highway.
Elder Humpherys and Elder Clark
Argentine dumpster (the dogs get to it before the sanitation department does)
Elder Humpherys and Elder Rios (from Buenos Aires)
Argentine anthills
A turtle on the side of the road
Elder Humpherys with some of the youth in Paso de los Libros
With the Branch President and his family in Posados

A family in the branch at Paso de los Libres
The Branch President and his wife in Paso de los Libros
His Argentina family...El Dorado
His Argentine Grandma at Paso de los Libros
Met up with Mitch and Sonnie at Iguazu Falls
Beautiful Iguazu Falls!

The airport welcoming group
With the BIG sisters at the airport
Meeting Seth for the first time at the airport

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fun with the babies!

Baby Seth has figured out how to make noise with his lips
The girls with their babies
Emma, AKA Mini Mran
Addie sneakin that yummy finger into her mouth
Smiley Livvy
Gavin turned 6 in Nov--and got glasses!
What a cute bunch of babies!!!!

I can't believe how fast they grow. This is too fun, watching your babies have babies. Can't get much better than this.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall fun

Little Seth 3 1/2 months
Happy hot-tubbers
Grandma & Baby Seth
Mitch & Sonnie at Cinnamon Creek
The Pences at Cinnamon Creek
Love the fall colors--favorite time of year!
Mark & Jann in the outhouse at Green River Lakes
Mitch & Sonnie at Green River Lakes (Flattop in the background)
On the lower lake at Green River Lakes
Cutest grandkids at Thanksgiving Point
It's been a great fall. Lots of fun times with kids and grandkids. Life's good for sure!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Here we are by the front waterfall and pool. While we were snapping shots, the pugs came out and wanted to get into the picture--they weren't too cooperative though!

The most recent Pence shots...

Little 4 year old Emma

Sweet 2 month old Seth!

What a wonderful summer this has's August 10th, my dad's birthday, my daughter's anniversary, my nephew's birthday and adding to it this year, my great nephew's birthday too. What a wonderful's a couple of pics we took yesterday in the yard of the Pences and Mark and I. (By the way, congrats to the Dennis family, Jorge & Monica on son #3!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's up with Kellen?

Elder Kell and his comp
Elder Kellen and who-knows-what behind him (?)
Is he easy to spot? Same fun-loving, life-living Kellen!
Elder Humpherys is a zone leader now and here's some of his zone
(they look like they have too much fun)
A few Argentina creepy crawlers!

Kellen sent a few pics last email (but didn't give captions) so that was a try at what's up with Kellen.